Holidays - Cheap V Good Value….do you know the difference?

Sometimes, clients ask for the cheapest deal, while I try to find them the best value for their hard earned cash.


I always ask a set of questions when someone inquires about a holiday, and I cringe when I hear the phrase, “just the cheapest you can find.”

My experience in the industry is a massive chasm between cheap and good value, so although many people say they want the cheapest deal, what they usually mean is they don’t want to be “ripped off” and pay more than they have to with the money they have saved for their trip.

Let’s face it, the majority of the population can only afford one, or maybe if they are lucky, 2 holidays per year. Holidays are precious downtime, to be spent away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, usually with loved ones. Why would you settle for something “cheap” and not want “best value”?

So my question is……why do so many people still take the risk and book travel with online companies, who offer absolutely no assistance, add no value or great customer service to their experience, and sometimes, no protection should there be a problem while you are away?

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Answer…I’m really not certain, however it could be a mix between thinking they can’t afford a good travel agent, the amount of information available online, and people naively thinking they can DIY a holiday like they can a takeaway pizza.

The information you find online may not be 100% accurate. Let’s face it, anyone with a little knowhow can set up a website or facebook page for almost anything, and claim they are expert at what they do. Depending on their marketing budget, they can claim thousands of followers in a short space of time, sometimes making them appear extremely “popular” maybe even good at what they do.

How many of these “share this post to win 2 first class tickets” have you fallen for on facebook?

Lots of online travel companies stack it high and sell it cheap, going for volume selling, rather than providing a quality of service. Lots of online companies have premium rate telephone numbers, so if you do experience a problem during the booking process, or afterwards, it can cost you as much as the holiday you are booking in calls.

I am a great believer that if something appears too good to be true, then it generally is.

What do you REALLY expect for 2 weeks, at an all-inclusive hotel or resort for £300pp?

Do you think that paying less than £22 per night for flights, accommodation and all your food and drink is a good deal?

The majority of people will be disappointed with their holiday, they are 75% likely to have a poor experience and to encounter some sort of problem during their trip, which is unlikely to be resolved. Generally, like all things in life…you only get what you pay for.

The profit margins in travel are very small, so for a company to make a profit from selling “cheap” holidays, they are having to sell thousands of them a day. And many of these “cheap” online travel companies lure people in with ridiculously low prices, but by the time you complete the online booking process (if they even have one) the price has generally doubled from the initial price you saw, or you find out that deal is no longer available and you have to “call” them (often premium rate numbers, and calls will generally last much longer than necessary) to get a quote. Many are companies based out-with the UK, or use overseas call centers.

Do you think they care about your holiday experience? Me neither.

It can make the whole process stressful and confusing and many people end up spending far more than they had planned to in first place, but for no better quality than the cheap deal they thought they were getting.

How much easier would it be if you had someone you can trust look after all your travel and holiday plans?

Someone who has your best interests at heart, who wants to get you the best value for the “realistic” budget you have, and not just sell you the easiest or cheapest thing available in the least time?

Travel agents have invaluable experience within the industry including inside information that you, the customer knows nothing about. They can advise on the best times to visit certain places, or sometimes even more importantly, the best times to avoid them. A good travel agent will give honest advice, and generally won’t sell you a holiday they wouldn’t be happy to go on themselves.

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We will advise you of what to expect from your trip, hotel, airline etc., give advice about what to do and not to do, and pitfalls to avoid. I even offer to complete Advance Passenger Information (API) on your behalf and check you in online.

So next time you think about going online and booking a “cheap” holiday, consider what it is you are really hoping for, the cheapest, or the best value.

We work with hundreds of suppliers to ensure you get the holiday you want, and not just the cheapest holiday there is.

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Your Way Travel is a small independent travel agency working in the North East of Scotland. Our aim is to find you what it is you want at the best price possible, giving honest advice every step of the way, including being realistic about your budget. We work with over 500 suppliers and tour operators to find you the best deals in the market, and we believe that the level of service we provide to our clients, many of whom are regular and repeat, far outweighs you finding the cheapest deal.

We have on the ground contacts in many parts of the world including Australia, Indian Ocean, many parts of USA and Middle East to help ensure your trip runs smoothly and you have the best experience possible. We are also often privy to deals and offers not available elsewhere due to our buying power and status within the travel industry.

We have years of experience travelling to globe and can add real value by giving great advice and recommendations.

So for the best choice, value and exceptional service, let Your Way Travel take care of all your future holiday and travel plans.

Look forward to assisting you

Call Kim on 01224 443743

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